3 Most Common Types of Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions have now become a staple accessory in the beauty industry owing to their versatility and styling ability. If you want long and thick hair quick, hair extensions are the answer. Women are going gaga over this technique, and it is because of this popularity that innovations are making hair extensions easier to install each time. Here are three most common types of hair extensions in the UK.

Type #1: Clip in hair extensions:
Clip in hair extensions is the most commonly used and the most popular kind of hair extensions. They serve the “emergency” purpose – a next-day event where you want to look fabulous, or a two-three-day event where you want long hair. They are easy to install and doable by self. You don’t need to visit a salon. They last for a long time, but ideal to wear for a few days and simply remove.

Type #2: Micro Loops:
Micro-loops hair extensions are gaining popularity because they do not damage the scalp and the hair. They are by far the safest technique available for a long-term hair extension solution. These extensions contain a nylon loop at one end which is fastened to the hair strands to install. There is no heat or danger involved anywhere which is what makes this method safe.

Type #3: Nail Tips:
Nail tip hair extensions contain strands of hair that are pre bonded (glued) at one end which makes it look like the tip of a nail. They can be installed by melting the keratin glue which is present on the tip. Since there is heat involved in the process, professional hands are required to carry it out. These extensions last long and look natural.