5 Tips For Long-Lasting Curls.

You make curls but they don’t want to last! This problem is familiar to many girls who have a very smooth hair texture. So, what then? Do you have to walk only with straight hair? Of course not. If you want to know how to make curls that last longer, just read our tips below.

1. Let your hair cool down:

The simplest and most effective way to make curls more “resistant” is to let them cool in a curly state. Secure each fresh curl with a bobby pin or clip.
How does it work? When curling iron is heated, the heat is transferred to the hair making the structure more flexible. Due to this, the curl shape is obtained. Therefore, when you fix the curl, this allows the cuticle to cool evenly and “seal” the resulting shape.

2. Always use the right hair cosmetic products:

The problem of smooth hair texture is that the hairs slide and do not cling to each other. Therefore, the straight hair does not hold curls, and sometimes even the ordinary rubber bands. So, you need to change the structure of the hair. You can do it with the help of texturing, wax aerosol, and sea salt sprays and our favorite – dry shampoo!

These products make hair more rigid and make the hairstyle to last much longer. The scheme: first you must use the thermal protection serum on your hair when it dries, apply one of the products for the texture, distribute it through your hair and then curl it. In addition to persistent curls, these products also provide additional volume.

3. Invest in high-quality hot hair tools:

You’re not buying a curling iron every month, or even every year. A good, expensive tool will serve you, for many years, and it will not spoil your hair.
The most optimal option for a fan of curls is a hair styler with different types of add-ons.

4. Use the correct barrel size:

The size and appearance of the curls directly depend on choosing the right barrel size. If you want volume curls in the style of Victoria’s Secret angels, use an average barrel size. In most cases, a smaller barrel can do all the magic. But do not buy a curling iron with a larger barrel size, if you want to get large curls. They, in fact, do not curl the hair, but simply give them volume and texture.

5. Your hair still doesn’t want to curl:

If it still happens and your hair doesn’t want to curl, most likely you have a very damaged hair with split ends. The only thing you can do is to visit your hairdresser and get a trim.