A new look for the TV Awards? Amy Childs shows off her curly new hair extensions

She may have her own beauty salon, but Amy Childs isn’t averse to a bit of pampering herself.

The former Only Way Is Essex star was spotted getting new hair extensions fitted in a Mayfair salon yesterday – perhaps in preparation for tonight’s National TV Awards.

Although she normally wears her hair straight, the 21-year-old was looking for a change and left the Inanch salon with luscious curls.

Clearly thrilled with her hair, she tweeted: ‘InanchLondon my hair is looking gorgeous, thank you do much best hair extentions ever xx #greatlengths.’

Although Amy has recently launched her own beauty salon in Brentwood, she has admitted the salon which features in the first two series of TOWIE wasn’t a real business.

Of course, fans of the show will remember it was where Amy gave Sam Faiers a vajazzle, sparking a revival for the intimate body jewellery.

She told this week’s New! magazine: ‘I thought everybody knew it was set up in my mum and dad’s garage for the show and wasn’t open to the public.

‘However, Amy Childs’ salon is, so come on in and book an appointment.’
Meanwhile, Amy has hit back at former TOWIE co-star Maria Fowler after she was described as ‘fake’ and ‘dead behind the eyes’.

Amy wrote in her column: ‘I don’t even know Maria that well so I don’t know why she is talking about me in interviews.

‘My mum has always said that if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’

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