Aftercare Advice for Long Term Maintenance of Your Hair Extensions.

Human hair extensions require careful care and maintenance to last longer, especially if you like wearing them daily or on special occasions. Having a good hair extensions aftercare routine will make it easier for you to maintain them in the long run. A kit already comes with all the necessary products that will help keep the extensions, clean, frizz-free, and in good condition for an extended period. Be sure to check with the store where you buy your hair extensions and considering buying a high-quality maintenance kit if you are likely to wear extensions more frequently or on a daily basis.

While it is okay to wash human hair extensions with mild or baby shampoo, they still need extra TLC, which only a hair extensions aftercare kit can provide. A good kit comes with a specially formulated shampoo, conditioner, shine spray, and hair treatment mask for the extensions, and a soft bristle brush. The formulation is gentle enough for daily use, and it should provide the hair with all the minerals the strands and the scalp need for nourishment. This way, you do not have to remove the extensions to wash them. Use the hair mask every week and let it stay for five minutes to treat your extensions to keep them healthy.

Because they are made from human hair, extensions may be prone to frizz, dryness, and split ends, too. A hair extensions aftercare kit comes with a treatment spray that can keep the strands moisturized and protected against damage from styling products and heat. As for the brush, the soft bristles should prevent snagging the micro rings or the keratin bonds. There are certain aftercare steps you should consider doing to prolong the life of your hair extensions, too. Simple tasks like separating the bonds everyday to prevent tangling at the root, gentle brushing, and not sleeping with wet hair can already make a difference.