Are all types of Sulphate harmful for your hair?

The debate whether the Sulphate should be used or not used on your hair is always there. Though it is quite commonly heard that Sulphate should not be used on hair because it can do a lot of damages regarding the health of your hair there is no specific reason mentioned for the same.

Is all Sulphate harmful?

In case of most of the shampoos used in the market SLES and SLS are the two most commonly used ingredients. Now, both of them are the abbreviation of the complicated chemical names. Because of this reason it has quite commonly become Sulphate for the users and the rumor has also become quite strong that all Sulphate is harmful for hair. Though there is no evident proof of it.

Marketing strategy for extension manufacturers:

Most of the extension manufacturers also prepare products which they recommend to use on the extension to keep it perfect. However, it has been quite often found that a lot of other quality shampoos available in the market can provide good results on your extensions. For enhancing their business and to make people bound to use their product they have also ensured the rumor to be spread that all kinds of Sulphate can be harmful for hair which is in reality not absolutely right.

You need to make judgment:

When the confusion is much the judgment will always depend on you. You need to understand if a shampoo which is containing SLES or SLS can keep your natural hair smooth and shiny then why it will create problem in case of extensions. So, whenever you are choosing any product to keep your hair extension smooth and silky you should also check whether it can provide your hair extension the desired life span or not.

So, if you have bought any shampoo which has Sulphate but it is providing longer life span for the extensions and keeping and shiny and smooth then there is no problem in using the same. So, you should not believe the rumor that all sorts of shampoos containing Sulphate are extremely harmful for your hair. You should surely check the quality of the product you are using.

There are plenty of quality manufacturers who use the type of Sulphate which is not at all harmful for your hair. In fact, using those products on your hair will ensure that your hair will hold the required moisture which will keep your hair and hair extension absolutely healthy and shiny.

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