Avocado for hair growth – does it work?

Whether you want to try a new appearance or try to ease the catastrophe after a bad haircut, it’s a very difficult task to wait for your hair to grow.
Hair growth is a very complex process and in most cases, we don’t notice or understand why hair stagnates for a long time. Most people believe that problems with hair are usually associated with genetics and external influences. However, everyday habits also have a huge effect on your hair growth. Fortunately, we have something that can speed up the hair growth process. A secret ingredient that promotes hair growth and can help you to solve all the problems with hair growth is called avocado. The ancient Egyptians were the first to recognize the positive sides of the avocado.

Improves skin health:
The most popular benefits of avocado are related to improving the health of the skin and hair. This oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E, which is very important in maintaining skin health.

Hydrates the skin:
There are a lot of hair care products that contain avocado oil. The two essential substances in this oil are lecithin and sterolin. These two substances are not only good for hair, but also for the skin. Lecithin forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin and hair follicles, while sterolin hydrates and softens them. Avocado oil is applied superficially for this application. You can use charms of avocado oil by oral or surface application. It can also be used as a supplement in dishes and baths, for more expressed positive effects. Products based on avocado oil can be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores.

Why is avocado oil good for hair?
Avocado oil is perfectly combined with macadamia oil and coconut oil. There are great avocado hair masks. Most often this oil is used for dry and damaged hair, and it has the effect of accelerating hair growth and preventing further loss if you have such problems or if your hair is damaged and have cracks at the ends. In addition to the combination of macadamia and coconut oil, it can also be combined with essential oil of rosemary. Try different combinations of this oil and see what suits your hair best and gives the best results. In addition to all the benefits that avocado oil has for our hair and skin, it has many health benefits in general, so there’s no reason why you should not try this oil as soon as you can.