Choose Remy Hair Extensions to Get Beautiful Long Hair!

Remy hair extensions are human hair extensions that are made from actual human hair as opposed to synthetic hair or animal hair, which tend to fall apart quickly within weeks of wear. We supply high quality clip in remy hair extensions in the UK which that holds much better than cheap non-human hair extensions. It gives you better value for your money by ensuring longevity and low maintenance. Remy hair extensions are different to virgin hair extensions in that they are treated hair as opposed to being untouched by chemicals. Remy hair is a popular type of human hair extension because of its quality and price.

Our clip in remy hair extensions can remain intact up to a year of use. They are able to blend undetectably with natural hair, making them a great and cheaper alternative to virgin hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are made with real human hair with the cuticles still intact. Processed properly, Remy hair ensures no matting and tangling, making the extensions appear like natural, healthy hair that blends well with the wearer’s natural looks.

The high quality clip in remy hair extensions are typically collected directly from a donor’s head, often cut away in a ponytail from one donor, retaining the full length of the hair’s strands, and ensuring relatively uniform hair quality. This particular collection processes helps make sure that cuticles stay aligned, resulting in a more natural looking set of extensions. Remy hair is available all over the world, although it usually comes from regions like Asia, particularly India, and Europe. True Remy hair isn’t prone to tangling and blends perfectly with natural hair. However, like every other type of hair extension, Remy hair is processed and produced in many different ways, which typically determine their quality and longevity. Newer and less harsh methods of processing Remy hair are now available, ensuring better quality hair extensions.