Difference Between Hair Extensions and Hair Wefts – Things You Need to Know

When there’s a desire to add length and volume to a head of hair, people will discover there are two excellent options for doing so. While both hair extensions and hair wefts achieve the same goal, there are some subtle differences between the two consumers may want to be aware of before making a choice between the two.

Hair extensions are bundles of hair that are affixed to a person’s own natural locks strand by stand using tape, glue, micro links and other bonding tools. The method can be time-consuming, but can result in a highly natural look if human hair is used in the creation of the extensions. People seeking to add length or volume to their hair may choose this method because it is designed to last for a fair amount of time and produces an end look that is quite hard to distinguish from natural hair. If Remy human hair extensions are selected, people may also continue to follow their normal hair care and styling routines, as well.

Hair wefts or weaves are also used to add fullness and length. These extensions may also be affixed to hair using glue or other devices. They are, however, most often sewn or woven into place after natural hair is braided. The true weave method is preferred by those who wish to enhance the look of their hair without using glue or chemicals to do so. This type of extension is also available in Remy human hair bundles, which means a highly natural look may result.

The major difference between wefts and standard extensions lies in their application. While extensions are attached strand by strand to create a distinct natural look, weaves are delicately braided into a wearer’s own natural hair in most cases. Weaves tend to last for about eight weeks. Their main potential drawback is found only if the braiding is too tight. If that is the case, hair wefts may cause a bit of soreness in the scalp area.

Hair extensions and wefts provide excellent ways to add bounce and length. The two styles are quite similar, but do differ in their application.