Hair Extensions Can’t Hold a Curl?

Do You Know Why 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions Fail to Hold a Curl?

Have you purchased 100% human Remy hair extensions that are absolutely straight and have observed that they fail to hold a curl, this may keep you wondering? Of course, this is a common question among the hair extension community. There is no doubt that the hair extensions are unable to hold a curl appears very concerning, but the answer is very simple, know it here.

Why Some Human Hair Extensions Fail to Hold A Curl? Some hair extensions sets do not hold a curl or a style that you wish is mainly due to the product that you own. This is not formulated using chemicals and is received from the scalp of an individual directly. Thus each hair extensions set that are 100% Human will feature unique characteristics.

Going back to our school days, we will come across a different perspective. Taking your mind back to your school days, you must have observed each girl has a different type of hair in your class and each has their drawbacks and benefits. Some may have shiny super slick hair, while some may have curly and coarse hair type. In fact, some friends of yours may have hair that are so pretty to hold any style that comes to your mind, while others hair may just not set the moment it gets exposed even to the slightest of the wind breeze. The same rule is applicable to hair extensions as well and this theory is applicable to the hair extensions bought from anywhere across the globe.

Human Hair Extensions May Be Identical by 100%, But Not Same? Purchasing hair extensions set is common now, regardless of whether you use consistently the same color or the same brand. However, one point is also a fact that no two hair extensions sets are the same and so it is difficult to control similar styles.

This makes it apparent that merely having a hair extension that is 100% Human Remy does not ensure to hold a curl. This is because of the human product or human hair nature. In case your hair extensions fail holding a curl now for you implies even your hair donor from whom it has come must also have experienced the same frustration when it was a part of their own. This does not rule out the fact that these human hair extensions are not beautiful.

Actually, the most beautiful accessory is the hair extension and this helps in enhancing the natural beauty of the wearer. However, it is simple to forget that it is not a product alone that you have bought it now, in fact, it was once a most precious part of another human being. Thus, accept the fact of your new hair and its qualities that it has. The fact is that hair extensions take very long time to show any growth and it is a great sacrifice of the donor, regardless of the fact whether it holds a style or not. Thus, remember not all the set of hair extensions are different, but are beautiful.