How to Care for your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are the latest trend which is implemented frequently by women. They are advantageous as they give an enhanced look for all girls and women. Now the hair extensions will need some care. It is crucial for good after care as it will help prolong the life of your extensions. The hair extensions are very much delicate and they require care and maintenance. There are certain tips and guidelines which are to be followed for care of hair extensions.

Brushing: At times people get scared of brushing their new hair extensions as they may get loose and damaged. But the fact is that the hair extensions need to be brushed regularly so that the tangling issue is not faced and the damage is not caused. Make sure to use the soft and bristle hair extension brush or the loop brush. You should be gentle with the hair otherwise you will end up losing them.

Washing: The hair extensions need to be washed with utter care. You should not wash the hair extension more than once as over washing can cause them to dry out and they also get damaged.

– For the pre bonded hair extensions you should always make use of the sulphate free shampoo . You can also use the sulphate free conditioner but make sure that you avoid the roots and bonds. Sulphate can remove the bonds so you should take care.
– If you have clip ins or hair wefts in the hair extensions then you should use the mild shampoo like PH baby shampoo.
– You should always use treatments like argon oil, hair mask, deep conditioners at ends and heat protection sprays.
– Wash hair upright and you should not dangle the head upside down. Brush hair and remove the knots when you are washing extensions.
– Dry your hair with towel in the striking motion and should not rub them or you can allow them to dry naturally.

Storing: It is also important that you should know about how to store the hair extensions. Clips in are to be hung overnight or you should keep them safely in the extension storage bags. Don’t ever sleep in clip ins. Those who have pre bonded hair extensions and wefts should brush hair thoroughly and softly.

Type of hair: You should know what you are buying. Whether the hair are synthetic or human hair. They can also be Remy hair. You should be informed about all the things well in advance about the hair extensions.