How to make your hair have more volume and length?

We all know that everyone wants to have a flawlessly shaped head with voluminous healthy hair. But, the perfection is rare, even among the most popular stars and celebrities. If someone looks “perfect” we know that a whole army of hair specialists work on creating the “perfection”. It usually happens that that hair is falling to both sides from the top of the head and thus leaving a visible part of the scalp that you wouldn’t like to show. But, there are four little tricks that fix this issue and problems of those who struggle with lifeless and flat hair.

1. Use quick clip-in to get more volume.
It’s likely that you’ve already tried clip-in hair extensions. There are many pieces that must be placed at once which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. It should be teased and positioned very carefully to create a seamless look. Instead of it, you can opt for a much faster method with which you can increase your hair volume by 60% with clip-in volumizers in one piece and in a just 60 seconds. These volumizers cover the whole head, from ear to ear.

2. Replace your natural hair part.
Everyone has a favorite place to part hair. It’s the place where your hair begins to fall naturally and it’s usually somewhere in the middle of the head or on the side close to it. If you flip your part to the reverse side, it will create great volume at the crown. To avoid lopsided look, do it while your hair is wet.

3. Backcombing is a great thing.
Teasing hair got a bad reputation, but this is mainly because it’s done mistakenly and with wrong tools. As a result of it, you get a tangled, frizzy mess. Backcombing is one of the favorite hacks for professional hairdressers. What’s the best way to tease? Using a big paddle brush, you should comb the roots only. If you want to make volume to last, each back-brushed area should be sprayed with hairspray.

4. Flip your head upside down.
This is one of the oldest methods but also one of the best to get a voluminous blowout. This is effective because of upside down, as your roots are immediately lifting off your scalp.