How To Protect Your Hair Extensions During The Cold Winter Days?

Your natural hair faces a lot of challenges in the winter. This is a very unfriendly season for your hair, especially because of rapid temperature changes, cold winds and heating devices that reduces the moisture to your hair.

Many women make mistakes and take advantage of hair extensions and forget the fact that they are the same quality as your natural hair. Because it’s made off 100% human hair, hair extensions are prone to damage from thermal styling tools, environment and different styling products – the same as natural hair is.

It’s important to know those hair extensions, need a standard care just like your natural hair. They need to be properly washed and maintained to stay flawless. If you don’t know how to protect your hair extensions during winter, these tips will help you to do it properly.

What’s important to know when you need to wash them?

Chemicals ingredients, such as lather-creating sulfates are usually found in the typical shampoo and it causes damage to the cuticle layer. Considering that strands of hair extensions can’t have benefits of a standard dose of oils from your scalp, unlike your natural hair has. Because of it, it’s important to use products that are specially designed for them. The hair care collection which is sulfate-free won’t damage your hair extensions.

When tangling is happening, what brushing routine to apply?

From the beginning of applying for hair extensions, tangling and shedding are the biggest challenges for it. You should avoid rough brushes that can cause damage to your hair extensions. Only specially designed hair extension brushes, that uses loops, not the bristles, are recommended to use. When you brush your hair, you need to do it gently, holding the hair roots by one hand and with another start to brush the strands from their ends to the scalp. It’s important to perform brush of your hair extensions more than two times per day, which will allow you to get the most of them. You can use a detangling caddy tool for hair extensions to help you with this process.

When you wash your hair extensions, how you should treat them?
Hair extensions require to be gently, but you still need to clean it with shampoo keeping the hair strands as straight as possible. Avoid “ball and lather” the hair as it can lead to tangled chaos.