Human Hair Weaves in Three Easy Steps

Human hair weaves in the UK is a hot trend in hairstyling, allowing those with short hair or those who sport an afro to achieve the long locks they want almost instantly. Hair weaves are made either with synthetic/fake hair or remy/real human hair. They are added to actual hair using different extension methods to add volume and/or length to natural hair. Buying hair extensions can be a confusing process for the uninitiated, especially with all the slang terms and abbreviations used to refer different types of human hair weaves. Familiarising yourself with these terms is the first step to get the best hair weave for your hair.

Virgin hair is as the term suggest, hair that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals. It is hair in its most natural state. Remi or remy hair is real but treated human hair that has either been permed or coloured. Weft hair is hair that is held together using fine threads, that can be done either by machine or by hand. Machine wefts are cheaper and therefore more popular, although hand wefts are more natural looking, and therefore more desirable. Pre-bonded extensions are extensions that are connected in the tresses using a bonding agent.

Weaves can be attached to hair in many ways. They can either be sewn in, bonded, or fused to natural hair. Sewn-in weaves start with braided hair, which serves as the base for threading in wefts of hair. Braids are done tightly, which can cause pressure and discomfort, which makes other hair weaving methods more desirable, such as hair bonding and fusion. Hair bonding makes use of glue or another type of bonding agent, while fusion attach sectioned hair, strand by strand with the use of wax or with the help of modern attachments such as beads, rings, or tubes.