Importance Of Hair Extension Maintenance.

It is essential to understand the importance of the proper maintenance appointments when you are wearing human hair extensions. It ensures that the hair always remains healthy and the hair extension looks good all the time. You should have an appointment fixed with the salon or hair stylist before having the hair extensions fitted. You should know well in advance about the cost and frequency that you need to maintain them. This should be done as you should be choosing the best hair extension maintenance method. There are different types of extensions maintenance appointments which can be offered. There is no established method for it but different hair stylists show different techniques.

The hair extension maintenance method is the technique which includes the scheduled appointments at interval of every 4 to 6 weeks. The price can sometimes include new hair around 20 to 25 strands. They would replace with the bonds that may have fallen out or become loose. If the customer has not lost the old bonds then the new hair extension would be removed for package and the customer refunded. or they can be used for your next appointment. The cost of this method ranges varies from £40-£60, although some offer this service for free.

Another method is the hair extensions maintenance uplift. It is the process of removing the old micro rings from the stick-tip extensions and moving it back up hair so that it is placed at the original position. In this method no new hair is used. It usually takes every 4 to 6 weeks and involves using the new micro rings for strength and durability. The benefit of this method is that the hair extensions never grow as they are moved up. It usually costs £50-£75. The main reason to have hair extension maintenance is to check their progress and the hair stylist can offer you expert advice for any problems you may have. The maintenance appointments are extremely useful and needed for after care of the extension.

Should you choose not to pay for the maintenance checkup, we recommend following the hair extension aftercare guidelines to prolong the life of your extensions to help keep them in good condition.