Know More about the Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions

Tresses and their stresses – happen to be a part and parcel of everyday life for a woman. More often than not, the modern fashionista doesn’t want to be laboured with the burden of managing and maintaining long, natural hair. Instead, she would prefer using hair extensions as a way to get instant long hair every time she wishes to experiment with a new style and look. And nail tip hair extensions are the perfect solution to this need. Don’t know what they are? Read this blog post to know more about them!

Also known as U-Tip or Hot fusion hair extensions, these products have been preferred by professional salons and hair stylists throughout the world. Meant for long term use, you can have them on, day in and day out, for several months! They have a small, nail-like shaped keratin tip which becomes pliable when heat is applied. This tip is promptly heated when attaching the extensions to one’s hair and then cooled down to solidify the bond. Keratin is naturally found in human hair and thus, will not harm your locks in any way because of long term exposure.

The way to use nail tip human hair extensions is quite simple:

·    Your hair must be washed before starting the attachment process to remove the impurities and dirt from the strands.
·    A small section of your hair is then taken, preferably about the same thickness as the hair extension to be attached.
·    The keratin tip of the extension is wrapped around the hair section (about 1cm away from the scalp) and heat is applied to the joint.
·    The bond is then rolled between the fingertips to create a smooth, rice-shaped joint.
·    The rest of your hair is then tackled in a similar manner, creating rows and sections to which the nail tip human hair extensions are then attached.

Note: Ensure you do not have hair serum or conditioner in your hair or else, the keratin glue will not apply correctly owing to the hair surface being too slippery. Also, remember, that the extensions should be attached like brick-work or in a staggered fashion to create a more natural look.