Nano Hair Extensions

Nano Tip Hair Extensions are the most recent advancement in the hair extension industry, without the use of glue or heat application making them ideal for a safe and clean application.

The nano ring is only 3mm in diameter which is up to 90% smaller when compared to the older traditional micro-rings.

Nano ring hair extensions are perfect for everyone, especially when used on thin hair, as the colour coded micro rings are almost undetectable.

We supply nano ring hair extensions in bundles of 25, in various lengths from 14 inch up to 22 inches. We suggest on average 4 bundles for a half head application (100 strands) or 8 bundles for a full-head (200 strands)

Nano Tip Price Guide: (per 25 strands)

£7.99 for 14 inches (0.5 grams)
£8.99 for 18 inches (0.5 grams)
£17.99 for 18 inches (1.0 grams)
£9.99 for 20 inches (0.5 grams)
£19.99 for 22 inches (1.0 grams)

For more information please refer to our website:

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