Paris: God’s on hold, I need hair extensions

Paris Hilton got out of jail, then immediately got back to… well, being Paris, summoning a hair salon van and, by her mere presence, creating a traffic jam that angered her neighbours.

It appeared that the socialite’s plans to serve God, perhaps by creating a halfway house for former ex-convicts, would have to wait at least a day as she readjusted to the simple life of fame and celebrity.

“There’s not going to be a press conference today. I just spoke to Mr Hilton. They have no plans to make any statement,” police Sgt Anthony Roberts told the media scrum outside the front gate of her grandparents’ estate in Los Angeles.

Although Paris, 26, kept out of sight, her presence was still clear up and down the block, from the TV satellite vans to the fast food lunch that was passed along to the assembled masses outside.

“Delivery for Paris from Taco Bell,” one of two delivery people who arrived with bags of food said into the intercom outside the front gate.

“Thank you. Give it to the media and the police,” a voice from inside the mansion replied.

As she stayed inside throughout the day, more than a dozen cars pulled up to the gate and were quickly buzzed inside.

At one point, a black Cadillac Escalade carrying balloons and a cake with the words ‘Welcome Home’ in pink frosting arrived. At another, a van from DreamCatchers Hair Extensions, for which Paris is the celebrity frontwoman, passed through the gates.

DreamCatchers receptionist Crystal Armijo confirmed the heiress was having extensions added to her hair.

Will we really see a new publicity-shy, selfless Paris?

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