Pre Bonded Hair Extensions.

There are many varieties of hair extensions which are available in the market. You can add length and also increase the volume with the help of pre bonded hair extensions. You can also protect the natural hair and there are many options from which you can choose. Some of the most popular types of hair extension which are available are the pre bonded hair extension. They are used as individual extensions and come in different varieties. We are listing the types of extension available and their features.

Stick Tip Extensions (i-tip) The stick tip extensions contain the tips that are of shoelace type and they are used for the micro ring extensions. This is the method of applying the hair extension where the glue, heat or braiding is not involved. The extensions are applied to the small and undetectable cylinder rings. These are the silicon coated rings which are applied at the tips of extension and they can securely stay in the position. It means that the hair can stay in the same place for months. It is one of the safest and popular types of extensions.

Nail Tip Extensions (u-tip) Nail tip hair extensions, also known as “U-Tip” hair extensions are 100% human hair extensions which are dipped in high quality keratin glue at the tips. This is one of the safest hair bonding glue which can last for months and can be removed without any problems or any damage to your natural hair using keratin acetone remover. The keratin glue is firstly rolled into a nail tip end ready for you to apply to your natural hair using a heat connector (called the fusion technique) which has a small lip for you to place the glue tip into.

Mini Tip Extensions: The mini tip/i-tip extensions are the remy hair extension which is sourced from the southern regions of Mongolia and Russia. They have tiny stick tips which help and work better with the mini locks nail tip and u tip extensions. They are made from German keratin. The nail tip extensions are applied with the help of the heat connector. They have the tips which are having a coating of adhesive. When the tips are heated, they get attached to the natural hair which makes the process a simple and easy one.

Micro Loop Extensions: The micro loop extensions are the extensions which do not require the beads and threaded. The hair has rings with loop attached so it becomes easy to fit individual extension. These extensions last for 2 to 3 months if proper care is taken. All of these styles are available in the human hair and it also includes the remy and double drawn.

Nano Tip Extensions: Nano tipped hair extensions have proved to be the most popular hair extension techniques due to their fast application and being so discreet. The nano ring is the smallest ring yet, only 3mm in diameter! To apply the nano ring is so simple, its slipped onto a strand of hair and followed by the wire tipped extension strand which is inserted through the back of the ring and then clamped flat. Your nano extensions can be applied in seconds! There is no glue, heat or braiding needed!

Most of the hair extension are available in wide variety of colours including the brown, blonde, black, copper, red, dip-dye and ombre. The length ranges from 14 to 22 inches and they are silky straight. They can also be styled like the natural human hair. The extra conditioning and care will be required to keep the extension look best. A bit of more effort is always worth.