Prego hair: Kate Middleton has extensions says top hair expert

Kate Middleton‘s immaculate locks are the envy of women the world over.

But now a top hair expert has claimed there’s a secret reason why the Duchess of Cambridge‘s tresses always look so luscious: extensions!

Extensionist Inanch Emir has studied pics of Kate, 31, over the years and her professional opinion is that she may have started adding extensions just before the Royal Wedding in April 2011.

She says that Kate‘s probably added more since she announced her pregnancy.

So how can she tell?

Well, it’s all in the endings.

Inanch says: ‘I’ve always admired Kate‘s hair and over the past two or so years it’s become noticeably thicker and volumised around the ends.

‘This leads me to believe she’s using extensions.’

Inanch‘s comments come as her own client Frankie Sandford, 24, who’s expecting her first child with footballer Wayne Bridge, 32, last week ditched her pixie crop for extensions.

Frankie uploaded a pic of herself to Instagram along with the caption: ‘I look 5 here but “long hair don’t care”.

‘#pregohair #timeforachange.’

Frankie follows in the follicle footsteps of her Saturdays bandmate Rochelle Humes, actress Jennifer Ellison and extension queen Victoria Beckham circa 2005.

They all went long when expecting.

The Palace refused to comment on Inanch‘s claim.

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