Repairing Damaged Hair Extensions.

Are you caring for your hair extensions in a proper way, or not? If it is the latter, do not be disheartened, given that you could still restore their conditon. Not maintaining them or not washing or brushing them is only going to leave your extensions in a bad shape, and not fit to wear.

How to Repair Damaged Hair Extensions?

Damaged hair extension and repairing them can take plenty of effort and time. Here is the easiest way to restore damaged ones.

  • Get rid of tangles and knots in the extensions with a loop brush or tangle teaser. Have patience and be very accurate.
  • Wash your hair extensions in luke-warm water.
  • Use specialized hair extension aftercare products only and apply a leave in protein conditioner.
  • Allow it to stay overnight, to have the extensions fully moisturized.
  • Rinse thoroughly and use a cotton towel to pat-dry and let it dry naturally afterwards.
  • Brush and comb the hair as you do with your natural hair. Allow overnight drying.