Sassy or Luxurious: Have it All with Remy Hair Extensions

That awesome hairdo on the cover of the latest fashion magazine doesn’t have to be a dream for someday. If natural hair is too short, not quite full enough or lacks the high- or lowlights required to create a dream style, Remy hair extensions can solve the problem instantly. Depending on the length selected, Remy human hair extensions can help just about anyone create the sassy or luxurious styles they desire.

Remy hair extensions provide a temporary way to alter hair’s appearance, texture, volume and even colour. These additions are available in a variety of colours and lengths and may even be cut once applied to achieve a particular look. Depending on the type selected, they can be used to increase volume, add a touch of length or even produce a few pops of colour.

Here are just a few things that are must-knows when selecting and using these extensions:

Remy hair extensions are different – Remy hair extensions are bundled specifically so that hair follicles are placed in the same direction. This tedious process results in extension strands that look and feel more natural. They also help prevent tangling, which is an important consideration for protecting natural hair from damage.

Human hair is the best way to go – Remy human hair extensions will cost people more than synthetics, but the difference is worth it. These extensions look more natural, because they are. In addition, human hair extensions can be treated and styled exactly like natural hair if they are affixed using semi-permanent techniques.

The tips matter – If there is a desire to create a one-time hairdo or only to use extensions once in a while, clip ins are the way to go. The application process required for clips ins is so simple, most people can do their own styling. If the plan is to use extensions on a daily basis, nail tips, Nano tips or other semi-permanent application processes should be selected. Semi-permanent extensions may require a little help to ensure adhesives are properly heated, for example.

Remy hair extensions provide an instant way for people to change the look and volume of their styles. Waiting for hair to grow out or hoping it will grow in thicker isn’t necessary when the right extensions are selected.