Ways to Use Micro Loop Extensions in UK

micro loop hair extensionsBeautiful, luscious locks of hair happen to be every woman’s crowning glory. But not every woman has the time and energy to actually put in the painstaking efforts required to maintain natural hair in such a magnificent form. For most fashion freak females who wish to look hot with minimum work involved, micro loop extensions prove to be a superlative solution. These simple attachments let you enjoy amazingly long and bouncy hair which can be styled in every way possible! By using micro loop you can style your hair in a smart and gorgeous manner.

Medium to long hair
Micro loop extensions, as a product, were traditionally designed for transforming medium to long hair into really long and capacious look. You can use these attachments to add more volume and bounce to your natural hair, style them into curls, add colour and highlights and even create an elaborate up-do with them. All in all, micro loop products let you enjoy a manageable hair length and take advantage of the perks of really long hair, created artificially through added extensions.

Short to pixie-cut hair
Modern micro rings can be used to add more length and volume to short hair and even pixie-cut hair. The short-hair-suited versions are attached near the root of the hair rather than the end, allowing you to securely attach the extension in place without putting too much weight on your natural strands. As long as, you possess at least three inches of hair length, micro loop extensions can be perfectly camouflaged with your natural locks to create a substantial difference in your look.

You might have short hair, but you wish to try out a long-hair-do by hair extensions. Or you may have just cut your hair short and are now missing your luscious long locks. Either ways, micro loop hair extensions can help you instantly get those coveted lengthy tresses and look awesome.