What is the difference between the breakage and shedding?

When it comes to the hair care, there is something that always makes confusion. One of the things is the difference between shedding and breakage. It’s very easy to misconstrue these two terms. But, we are going to explain them both in order not to be confused and frightened of losing your hair.

When you comb or brush your hair or taking a shower, you may encounter shedding. It’s completely normal that one of these actions cause shedding of between 100-200 strands per day and even more depending on your daily stress level. If your hair hasn’t brushed for a few days, then you will see more shed hairs. But, you don’t need to be worried, as it could be just a false alarm.

If you are afraid of losing your hair, or it’s just a shedding, you can do a quick test to eliminate all the doubts. Take one strand from the brush and take a check if the there is a visible white bulb at the end of the strand. If yes, then it’s an indication of natural shedding. If the strand is shorter than it should be, and you can’t see a bulb at the end of it, then it’s a sign of breakage.

Excessive shading is the indirect sign of internal health abnormality or disease. There are many factors that contribute to the excessive shading and these are a high level of stress, diet or medication change, hormonal fluctuations, sickness and similar.

This process is caused by a high level of brittleness and dryness, rough handling and other mistreatment’s, lack or too much protein. You can use conditioners with humectants to reverse the cycle and help retain the moisture. It’s recommended to use aftercare products with a low amount of alcohol or without it, which is the best way to prevent hair from drying out.

To take care of your hair and to protect it properly, you can use wraps, satin scarves, low manipulation and protective styles. It’s also recommended to apply essential penetrable oils, which can seal the cuticle. Visiting salons for frequently hair trimming is also great for prevention breakage.
When you faced with breakage, you need to consult a professional who will be your guide and who can find true reasons for the problem and recommend the right solutions and remedies for it. You can also ask your hair stylist for advice healthy ways of maintaining your hair.