Different Ways to Wear Your Clip in Human Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions come in all shapes and styles nowadays. If you are one of those who have always been apprehensive about wearing hair extensions that could potentially fall out and make your head look like a messy nest, you’d be glad to know that modern extensions now use fail-safe designs and attachments that help secure fake hair onto your head and make the transition look as seamless as possible. If clip-in hair extensions still scare you, here are the tips to make your extensions look awesome even when you have to put them in yourself:

A good base = good grip. Creating a good base for your clip-ins is one of the greatest secrets to effectively use these types of hair extensions. Giving your hair good grip allows the combs on the back of the attachment something tight to hold onto and keep them from slipping down and out. Use hairspray and tease the area you wish to apply the clips on. Teasing not only helps create good grip for the clips, but also provides a nice, seamless coverage and disguise for the extensions.

Heating tools work magic. It is important to make your hair extensions blend with your natural hair so that people won’t be able to tell the difference between them. Use your heating tools so your natural hair and your faux hair can flow into each other naturally. A flat iron is great for creating a loose, wavy texture, but if you want bigger curls, use your large-barrel curling iron. A flat iron is also useful for keeping your hair straight, if you want a traditional style.

Give your hair a shake. After application, use your fingers to run through the hair strands or give your hair a shake so strands can naturally fall into place, just like your real hair would.