Facts a hair extension addict can understand.

Hair extension is a common thing and it is best invention. It gives the sense of happiness. The hair extensions are a bit costly, needs maintenance and causes a bit of pain but they have certain things which make them completely worth. There are things which the har extension addict will definitely understand.

1) The first one is that the hair extension is magical. The transformation power of makeup is very much appreciated but it is nothing in front of the hair extensions. They make a average person look like Beyonce.
2) The excitement begins when the appointment for the hair extension is booked and you start saving pictures so that you can decide that how long and what type of hair you need. On the appointment day you resemble the world’s most happiest person alive!
3) The excitement of hair extension is washed once you sit into the chair of stylists. You experience the whiplash after the hair extension session is performed and you will realize that how much your hair is to be applied.
4) Once the hair extension is done you can see that what transformation has been done to you, and you feel amazing!
5) You will feel like having superhero powers and you will take lots of selfies and inform people about your new hair extensions. You will get number of likes on the image?
6) Washing hair is an excuse as it takes ages to wash and dry the hair extensions.
7) If you start feeling like itchy scalp then you need to be ready with another set of hair extensions which is quite costly.
8) Even though the hair extensions are washed frequently you do hit the point where you have left the hair and it starts smelling, however it can be avoided.
9) The process of hair extensions is quite expensive but the self esteem that it boosts is quite good and priceless.
10) Those who are addicted to hair extensions would have tried all the methods such as clip ins, glued in, weaves, micro clips, etc.
11) Though you have the hair extensions done, you keep on looking for something new and some new methods and techniques of hair extensions.
12) You will always fear of becoming like those who never get time to blend their hair extensions and that keep you worrying.
13) The hair extensions addicts will always feel like listening to the compliments about their hair extensions.
14) The extension can get in the bed, on clothes and also in the bathroom drain. It is like a snake shedding skin.
15) When you are using the clips you line them on the bed so that it becomes informed decision.
16) The worst part is to take them out and you will go through the dreaded removal process.
17) You forget all the pain when you get them back in the scalp 🙂