How to get the royal wedding hairstyle of Meghan Markle?

You can always wish to have the splendid royal wedding hairstyle of Meghan Markle. It is not extremely difficult to have that. Though you will not be able to make the style as it is but you can surely get a vibe of it when you are going to join any wedding ceremony.

Things required:

You need the following things to make the hairstyle for you.

Milk Hair Extensions
Hair elastic
Flexible hold hairsprays
Bobby pins

How to make the style?

You should use the comb first to device your hair in two parts from the middle. You should keep it neat and straight as much as it is possible for you.

You should part the hair at least some inches from the nape of the neck. Then you have to use the 3 clip weft to slightly backcomb the root.

Over the weft you need to part the hair again. Again you need to make your hair back and use the 3 clip weft again in the end.

After this you have to part the hair from the ears. You need to make the root backcomb and this time you can use a 4 clip weft.

Now you can use the hairspray to backcomb some part of the hair near from your crown. You should keep it neat.

You should now use the curling want for curling the hair. Thus you will be able to keep the ponytail away from the face. You need to cool down the ponytail and then again you have to brush the same.

Some part of your hair has to be moved to one side. Then you need to twist the same and use the bobby pins at the back of the head.

You should continue doing the same with your entire hair till the moment you get complete satisfaction with your look.

It is true that at the wedding ceremony of Meghan Markle everybody expected about the grand dress she is going to wear. However, in the end her elegant hairstyle was the talk of the town rather than her dress. Most of the people are obsessed with the hairstyle she has created on the wedding night. It is not at all surprising if you want to have the same kind of hairstyle on the day of your wedding. The best thing is that you can get the vibe of the same at home only by using a very easy method.