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Best Practices To Cure Itchiness Of Scalp.

An itchy scalp is both uncomfortable to handle, and also embarrassing when you are in public. No one would appreciate you itching the head repeatedly in some time or every minute while you work or talk. If you look into the problem keenly, you might find that you have used some bad product or something which doesn’t suit you. Hence to help you select the hair and scalp care products which won’t irritate and itch, here are some tips.

Avoid sulphates in shampoos: Sulphates are a common ingredient often found in shampoos which can leach the hair and scalp of all their natural oils. It makes the skin and hair extremely dry. This dryness starts the itching. That’s why you should look into the shampoo ingredients while buying, and get one which does not contain sulphates. We supply a selection of sulphate-free aftercare products in our online store.

Silicones also irritates: Do you know that silicones are used in hair products and shampoos? Well, silicones coat the hair strands well to give a smooth and shiny texture. This looks nice apparently. But with time and repeated use the silicones get deposited in layers on the scalp. This makes the scalp irritated and itchy. Dimethicones are one of silicones which makes this problem worse. Either you have to get the scalp and hair totally free from silicones by rinsing too well or you should avoid products containing this polymer.

Try scalp exfoliation: Over time the various hair products you are using builds up a residual layer on the scalp. Also dead skin cells and your own sebum adds to this. Altogether a greasy layer forms over the scalp. This causes the scalp to itch. You can get rid of it by exfoliating the scalp.

To combat dryness use some hair oil: Massaging a little amount of argan oil or coconut oil can keep the scalp skin moisturized. This helps avoid itchiness due to dryness.

Avoid dry shampoos: Always avoid shampoos which says they would keep hair and scalp oil free and dry. They are a strict no no.

Get rid of dandruff: Dandruff causes a lot of irritation and itches. There are a lot of reliable anti-dandruff product which you may use to keep scalp dandruff free.

Brush your hair often: You must brush your hair often and with the correct hair extension brush. Brushing scrapes off the dead skin cells and residue of products at the base of the hair. This helps you maintain a clean scalp, and hence itchiness can be prevented.