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Welcome to our Hair Extensions Article Database. These guides will give you information from essential aftercare advice on how to care for your locks correctly to general information about hair extensions. Hair extensions are available in various techniques such as pre bonded to easy to apply clip in sets, these guides will help you decide which technique is right for you. We also provide helpful consultation forms to supply to your clients, and .pdf flyers and price lists for your required needs.

Caring For Your Hair Extensions:

▪ Hair Extension Aftercare 
▪ Our Aftercare Products Range 
▪ How to Prevent Micro Ring Slippage? 
▪ Using Heat Tools on Hair Extensions? 
▪ How To Prevent Dry Hair Extensions? 
▪ Why Do My Hair Extensions Itch? 
▪ Going To Bed With Your Hair Extensions; the risks? 
▪ Why Do Hair Extensions Start To Matt? 
▪ Why Do My Newly Fitted Extensions Hurt? 
▪ How To Prevent My Hair From Breaking? 
▪ Discolouration After Swimming 
▪ How To Prevent Hair Extensions Swelling? 
▪ Why My Hair Extensions Not Holding A Curl? 
▪ Information Regarding Traction Alopecia 
▪ Why Are My Bonds Going Soft And Sticky? 
▪ How To Prevent Hair Extensions Shedding? 
▪ How To Prevent Hair Wefts From Shedding? 
▪ Skin Patch Testing Explained. 
▪ How To Re-Tip Your Old Hair Extensions. 
▪ Which Hair Extensions Are Best Suited For You. 

Hair Extension Information:

▪ Full Aftercare Instuctions in PDF 
▪ Important Tips in PDF 
▪ Different Hair Extension Methods 
▪ Hair Structure and Different Available Hair 
▪ How to Apply, Different Techniques 
▪ Hair Extensions for Beginners 
▪ Remy Hair Extensions 
▪ Clip In Hair Extensions 
▪ Wefts/Weaves Hair Extensions 
▪ Micro Loop Hair Extensions 
▪ Nail Tip Hair Extensions 
▪ Stick-Tip Hair Extensions 

Consultation Forms:

As a hair extension technician its very important to provide your customer with a consultation form as it can assist you with any potential problems, so that you are made fully aware of any issues before applying hair extensions for example if the client has any allergies or any other previous problems. Here we have a free download and printable version of our Client Consultation Form 


 Price List Flyers (Updated June 2020)
▪ Hair Extension Aftercare Flyer
▪ Funky Flyer 
▪ New Website Flyer 
▪ Christmas Flyer 
▪ Hair Extensions Dos and Donts 
▪ 2019 HairXtensions Flyer 

If you have any questions or you would like to request for us to write a topic that we have not covered please send us an email