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Fitting & Removal Guides

Nail-Tip Application Tutorial:

Here we have a step-by-step video guide to help you apply "Nail-Tip" hair extensions using the fusion technique via a heat connector. Nail-Tip / U-Tip Hair Extensions Fitting Guide


Nail-Tip Removal Tutorial:

Ever wanted to know how to remove "Nail-Tip" hair extensions? We discuss how to remove these pre-bonded extensions with a pair of pliers and acetone remover solution. Nail-Tip / U-Tip Hair Extensions Removal Guide


Stick-Tip Application Tutorial:

A helpful guide which explains how to apply "Stick-Tip" hair extensions using a pair of pliers via the micro-ring technique. Includes a video demo. Stick-Tip / I-Tip Hair Extensions Fitting Guide


Stick-Tip Removal Tutorial:

A essential video guide shows how to remove micro beads from stick-tipped hair extensions with a pair of removal pliers. Stick-Tip / I-Tip Hair Extensions Removal Guide


Nano-Tip Hair Extensions Fitting & Removal Tutorial:

Here we have a guide for nano tipped hair extensions, how to prepare, tools required and step-by-step instructions how to install and remove. Nano Tip Hair Extensions Application & Removal Guide


Micro-Loop Application & Removal Tutorial:

We show what the "Micro-Loop" hair extension technique involves, how its applied and how to remove them. Micro Loop Hair Extensions Fitting & Removal Guide


Clip-In Hair Extensions Application Tutorial:

We discuss how "Clip-In" hair extensions are aligned correctly, how to care for them and how to apply and remove them correctly. Clipin Hair Extensions Fitting Guide


Hair Weft Techniques Tutorial:

We talk about the general techniques and methods how "Hair Weft" extensions (also known as weaves) are applied. Hair Weave Different Techniques Explained Guide


Ponytail Hair Extensions Fitting Tutorial:

This simple guide will help you apply clip-in hair extensions.
Pony Tail Hair Extensions Application Guide


Tape-In Hair Extensions Fitting & Removal Tutorial:

We discuss in detail what tape-in hair extensions are, how to care for them and how to apply and remove.
Tape Hair Extension Application & Removal Guide

Hair Fringe/Bangs Fitting & Aftercare Guide:

Checkout our installation guide for applying our hair bangs correctly with helpful tips and tricks, how to style, installation advice and how to look after them.
Clip-In Fringe/Bangs Application Tutorial