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We all have different ways of coping with our hair and nothing seems to do the job better than hair extensions. To add length and volume or just a change of style... Depending on what kind of look you want accomplished there are various types of hair extensions available in the market. Here we discuss some of them and how you too can incorporate them in your hair.

Nail-Tip Pre-Bonded:

Pre-Bonded extensions come with nail-tip keratin bonds already attached to them (glue made from high-quality keratin) you start by taking a small strands of your own natural hair and applying hair extensions via melting the keratin bonds using a heat connector (also known as the fusion technique) which melts the bond then you can attach to natural hair, this provides a balance of strength, durability and ease of removal. Removal tools required are Acetone Solution and Removal Pliers. We recommend this technique should be fitted and removed by a professional to avoid any damage.

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Micro-Rings & Shrinkies:

Micro-Rings method is simple but effective as it uses no glue or heat. Micro Rings are small rings (tiny tubes) that attach to your hair using stick tipped extensions, which is applied/securely tightened using smooth jaw pliers. Using no heat, this method is minimal risk of damaging your hair. Can also be used for weft extensions. Shrinkies can also be used to apply stick-tip extensions by shrinking around your hair and the extension when heat is applied using a heat connector. These are virtually undetectable, lightweight and secure. To remove shrinkies, reapply heat to the heat shrinkie tube until the tube is pliable from the heat, then slide the tube out from your clients head. If needed, use a few drops of acetone remove any remaining residue.

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Micro-Ring Accessories: Micro-Ring Tools 


This technique is virtually the same as the micro-ring technique, although micro-loop extensions come with loop and micro-rings already attached to them (ready to apply) so no need to purchase additional micro-rings to secure your stick-tipped extensions with! These extensions are applied only with the use of smooth jaw pliers. This is the latest innovation of hair extensions which requires no heat or glue, eliminating any damage to your own natural hair.

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Hair Weft Extensions:

These are basically tracks on which the hair extensions are affixed. Then, each of these tracks is applied one by one onto the hair. The hair extensions can be attached to the tracks either by hand or with help from a machine. However, hand made is more preferable as it can be customized to individual needs.

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Clip-In Extensions:

Clip Ins extensions are the most easiest of all the methods, this technique is basically strips of hair are sewn onto a weft that you clip onto your own hair. They enhance your hair by adding volume, length and color. They are fast and easy to clip on hair and will not damage it like bonded extensions can since there’s no glue involved. It only takes minutes to transform your appearance into the beautiful hair and it is very affordable and no fitting costs. Can be easily fitted by yourself, great for everyday use. Not recommended to sleep in.

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Nano Tip Extensions:

Nano Tip is the latest hair extension method, using a similar technique to the more traditional micro rings with stick-tip extensions but nano hair extensions come pre fitted with metal hooks and are fitted with nano rings which are virtually undetectable as they are applied using 3mm diameter micro rings, hence the name "nano" perfect for thin hair or those who want undetectable micro rings.

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Ponytail Hair Extensions:

Pony-Tail hair extensions are for those who want an instant makeover change, by simply attaching the claw clip ponytail extension to extend or to create more volume to your existing ponytail, we have a wide range of natural colour available to choose from.

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Tape-In Extensions:

Tape hair extensions are known to be very fast to apply and remove with ease, which will save you time and money spent in the salon, they are gentle to your hair and reliably secured to your own natural hair, tape in hair extensions are perfect for a semi-permanent hair extension option for those looking for an instant volume boost and hair lengthening solution.

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Fringe Hair Extensions:

Fringe hair extensions are the perfect solution if you are want a fringe without the commitment of having a trim, change up your style in seconds! Made from 100% human hair and available in 21 natural shades. They are easy to attach and very discreet as they will be hidden under your natural hair.

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