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Do You Get Headaches When Wearing Hair Extensions?

All hair extensions will feel awkward when they are first applied. They might even feel like added weight to your head, or as though something is constantly tugging your hair at the scalp even when you use a hair extension brush. Even professional hair extensions can sometimes cause headaches and similar pains.

The good news is that most hair extension headaches can be resolved when you pay attention, even prevent allergies and scalp sensitivities after you get them applied. You might also want to consider the type of hair extensions you used, and quality of extensions you have, and even your stylist. Moreover, it helps to have the right hair extension application tools to ensure that they are properly applied.

Headaches induced by hair extensions can be relieved temporarily by focusing on treating the tension or inflammation. Here are some ideas:

  • Essential oils – Dip a cotton swab into tea tree oil or peppermint oil and trace lines around the scalp to stimulate it. The oil should provide a cooling effect and divert your attention from the pain. We also recommend our tea-tree shampoo and tea-tree conditioner to help relieve the inflammation.
  • Massage your scalp with your fingers – The pressure on your scalp should stimulate tense nerve endings. Just be careful not to pull on the hair extensions.
  • Apply an ice pack – When professional hair extensions cause inflammation and tension to the scalp, ice could minimize the feeling and provide a numbing effect. If you have no ice, try a frozen bag of vegetables.
  • Avoid complex hairstyles – Discomfort is natural as your head is adjusting to the new extensions. Avoid worsening the problem with complicated hairdos. Avoid up-dos and let your hair loose naturally. Just remember to untangle with a hair extension brush.
  • Eliminate discomfort while sleeping – Switch to a silk pillowcase or sleep while wearing a headscarf, so your hair won’t drag on the pillow.

You can minimize your chances of developing headaches by choosing the right hair extensions and being honest with your stylist! If you feel anything strange or painful during application, have them make adjustments, relocate, or remove the extensions.