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How To Take Care Of Hair In Summer.

Hair care for every season is crucial. In the summers the main lookout is to get the hair styled neat and nice, so that the heat does not mess up the style, the look, and the condition of the hair. That is why, here are some of the best summer hair care tips to beat the hair, stay stylish, and maintain the health of your hair extensions and scalp through the hot season.

Choose a hair colour that demands less maintenance:There are various types of hair colors. Some demand high maintenance while some doesn’t. There are various types of bleaches too. When you are choosing a bleach or colour for the hair, do keep in mind that the sun exposure and sweat, both have a fading effect on the colour. Therefore, you must chose a colour which doesn’t give you an odd look when parts of the hair color have faded or gone different in patches.

Trim the hair before summer arrives: Summers are hot, dry, or sometimes humid. Whatever kind of summer you are facing, one thing is for sure that you are going to get the hair exposed to the sun when you go out, and sun exposure turns hair into frizzy, dry and rough strands. As a result more split ends and damaged hair develops. Hence you must schedule a visit to one of your preferred hair salons to give your hair a nice and neat cut. Cutting off the ends would help you maintain the hair well through the season.

Use sun screen hair products: You would need hair products to protect your hair from sun damage. SPF containing hair serums, creams, gels, and sprays etc., and also SPF containing oils and shampoos etc. can be used. These would give the hair the required sun screen coating over the hair.

Use hair masks: A nice way to replenish hydration to your hair is by the use of hair masks. You should use weekly hair masks. Once a week masking using a nice hydrating mix would help control the frizz of the hair, and would restore some of the health back.

Scalp exfoliation: Exfoliation of the scalp is a healthy process you should do in interval of a few days. This should help keep the scalp dry. Exfoliating would clean off the dead skin and sebum deposition as well as product residue deposition from scalp. This would keep the roots of hair healthy in summer.

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