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Rain Proofing Your Hair This Autumn.

It is important to maintain your hair with the change of season. This will help in ensuring that they are able to maintain the desired shape for a long period of time even when there is a change in the weather. Mostly rain is dangerous for the hairstyle which we have selected. One needs to prepare the hairstyle which doesn’t get deteriorated due to the rain.

Different kinds of chemicals are available and grooming techniques which one can use. The selection of the method completely depends on the kind of hairs which you have and your exposure of the hair to the outer atmosphere. It will govern the way your hairstyle is affected by different weathering conditions. Also, it will influence your hairstyle can be enhanced in their looks.

Rain proofing your hairstyle: There are a few of the tips which you can use for making your hairstyle rainproof. We have discussed a few of such tips here from which you can use based on your requirement.

Shower: During the autumn your scalp is likely to produce quite less quantity of oil. This will result in the dry scalp. One should, therefore, start their day in the shower which can provide the desired quantity of moisture. Use of different ingredients like sulphates and alcohols should be avoided as it can likely cause damage to the hair. Extension conditioner will also help in providing desired moisture to the scalp.

Preparing the hair: It is required to prepare your hair so that they become heat protectant. This will help in protecting your hair against the heat. So, your hair won’t suffer from getting dried out and getting damaged.

Drying: After you have showered your hair, it is required that they are properly dried out. One should not start drying until your hair is already 60-80% dry. If this is not followed then your hair will create frizz rather than fighting against it.

Hairspray: This is the most important step and one should do it again and again. The hairspray which you use should be moisture resistant to ensure that rain is not having an impact on your hair. While spraying does it from 30 cm away to make sure that it is evenly distributed.

Thus, we can say that there are few of the ways in which you can ensure that your hairs are made rainproof. This will help you during the rain as it will protect your hair from getting damaged. It will let your hair remain in its original condition even after going through the moisture of the rain.