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Removing Taped Hair Extensions At Home.

Easy Way To Remove Tape Hair Extension At Home

Due to Covid 19 many people have to self-isolate which will prevent them from visiting their hair stylist. If your taped hair extensions are ready for removal you will not be able to use their services. Normally, it is advised that you do not try to remove them yourself, but if you are forced to self-isolate you will not be able to get any professional to help you out. The options are you wait till after 10 days or if you cannot wait, here is a simple guide to remove them yourself.

You will require the following tools:

  • Tape Remover Spray
  • Pin Tail Comb
  • Hair Grippers

    Step 1:
    At first section out your hair into sides and back section using HairGrippers. You should always start removing the hair extensions from the nape, that is the area at the bottom of the back of the head. You must remove extensions row by row. In order to see the hair extension properly it is advisable to pin/section the other part of your hair properly.

    Step 2:
    Take hold of the first row and then spray the Tape Remover gently over it. You can spray the tape remover bond generously. This tape removing spray is made specially that will lubricate the adhesive tape and ease it for detaching them from your hair. This solution is formulated specially for this purpose. After spraying keep rubbing the tape tab gently till you find the tab falling away.

    Step 3:
    At first the top tab of the tape sandwich will fall away. If required you may have to spray more at the tab so that it gets loosened from the hair easily. To get little more space between the tabs you can place the tail of the Pin-Comb and set the tapes apart.

    Step 4:
    After removing both the sides of the tape sandwich you may notice that there are cluster of hair and tape residue lying at the point where the tape was placed. This is quite normal. Each day you lose 150 strands of hair, as you had been wearing hair extension they were there in your scalp. Now they may loosen and fall off. In order to avoid tangling you must comb your hair properly. Finally you can spray some more solution so that you can remove any tapes lying there on your hair easily. In order to keep your hair clean comb it properly. Be gentle while coming it. After that wash it and you are free from any hair extensions that you had been using!

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