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Top tips to take care of your hair extensions in the summer.

You might be excited to flaunt your new hairstyle featuring hair extensions this summer. Sunny and warm weather can be a great time to spend outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and bbq's or go for a swim. However, that also means high temperatures and sunny conditions for hair extensions which can be harsh for your hair. Chlorine and saltwater can fade out their colours and cause them to become dry and tangled. So, before jumping into any body of water or enjoying the outdoors, here are some tips to help you take care of them:

  • Use Dry Shampoo – Invest in a good dry shampoo to apply to your mane and professional hair extensions in between hair washings. Ideally, you should only wash your hair every three to five days if you have dry hair, and shampoo every other day if you have oily hair. Daily shampooing or washing could wash off the oils from your extensions and natural hair and scalp. 
  • Apply Leave-In Conditioner – There are specially formulated leave-in conditioners for hair extensions, so get a bottle for daily application. It should help keep your mane, and human hair extensions moisturised even on hot and dry days. Make sure the conditioner isn’t applied at the bonds. Keep it at least two inches away from those. 
  • Use The Right Shampoo – Its advisible to use sulfate-free and moisturising shampoos for your professional hair extensions and wash only at the roots. When you rinse, the shampoo and water run-off should go through the rest of the strands to wash off the dirt. If you’re wearing tape-in or weft extensions, shampoo and rinse under them, and rinse with lukewarm or cool water. Avoid using volumising shampoos on your hair extensions. 
  • Condition – Are your weave-in or micro bead professional hair extensions starting to feel like they came from the desert? Try conditioner washing. Skip the shampoo and use conditioner to lift off debris and oil from the hair and scalp. Avoid using this method if you have tape or keratin extensions, as the conditioner could loosen or break down the attachment. 
  • Take Precautions When Swimming – Prevent your extensions from absorbing saltwater or chlorinated water deeply by wetting your hair with fresh water. Consider putting your hair in a braid or wear a swimming cap. Be sure to wash your hair immediately after being exposed to chlorine or saltwater.