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10 Hairstyles To Try While Social Distancing

Quarantine has given you extra time that can be spend for yourself! There are so much things to do, but in all that do not forget to take care of your hair and style it occasionally. You can try these easy to do home hairstyles that will make you look like a diva and also help you spend your idle time productively.

  1. Heatless Hairstyles
    Heatless curls are always in fashion. Now that you stay at home to protect yourself and your family from the pandemic, try this style so that you can protect your hair from the heat. Just forget about the curling irons and style your hair naturally to look great.
  2. Summer Hairstyles
    There are so many summer hairstyles that are great! Whether its beach waves or floral braids, just try them and look different. Your hair will enjoy the style and your loved one will start staring at you again!
  3. French Braid
    French braid is a style of hair style that looks elegant and at the same time it is quite manageable. This classic style of hairstyle is always in fashion and you will surely love it.
  4. Frizzy Hair Hairstyles
    If you have frizzy hair you may stay low sometimes as fizziness doesn’t goes away easily. Try these hairstyles that will allow your frizzes to be there while you style it in your own way. Just look beautiful with a high bun or faux knot braid.
  5. Waterfall Braid
    Waterfall braids are not only for professionals! you too can do them and make your hair look lively. If you can follow the steps and them style your hair this way, you will surely love it.
  6. Pull Through Braid
    Be in the map of beauty bloggers with this awesome hairstyle. Once you learn doing this braid you will not try the basic braid again. It is simple if you follow the steps properly. Just style your hair in a way that will make you look elegant while you stay at home.
  7. Dutch Braid
    When you are busy what disturbs you most if your loose hairs. They wont do that anymore if you have tried the Dutch braid. This is mess free and although it may take some time to do it but once done you can enjoy clean hair for long.
  8. Tight Curls
    Curls are always in fashion. If you have curly hairs nothing can match the style of tight curls. The ringlet of curls will actually make you look different and give volume to your hair.
  9. Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair
    You may be worried as you have short hair. Don’t worry just look out and you will get to find hair style that are good for medium and short hair. Just try them and look different.
  10. Quick Elegant Low Bun
    A dreamy and elegant low bun is all you want when you want to spend some quality time with your loved one.

For help for creating some of these hairstyles we stock the French Braiding Tool and the Magic Bun Makerwhich is available in several colours.