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100% Human Remy Hair Extensions.

The growing trend of hair extensions has paved the way for the creation of its various types and brands in the market. Today, one of the favorite kinds are called human Remy hair extensions. For most hair professionals, Remy spells high-quality. Although there are many other varieties made of human hair, its texture and durability are superior. Whether you need hair extensions for fashion or cosmetic purposes, choose Remy.

It may be more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but they are surely worth their price. Here are some of the benefits of using human Remy hair extensions.

They last longer than other human hair extensions: Unlike other extensions that come from a human’s head, Remy hair retain its cuticles, which are the protective layer which sheaths the hair and keep it healthy. This is the secret why it can last up to 3-4 times longer than non-Remy hair extensions. You can use it for between 2-3 months, but some can last longer depending on how you take care of them. With proper maintenance, your Remy hair can retain its shine and quality for a longer time.

They look more natural: Obviously, this is a big advantage of Remy hair over synthetic and other types. They are created to appear like they are really part of your hair for they blend better with your own tresses. And they will keep that natural-looking appearance for a long time.

They can be styled: Like your own hair, 100% human Remy hair extensions can also be subjected to any treatments. If you are bored with your straight hair, then use a curling iron to add some waves. You can get it back to its normal straight state with your flat iron later. In fact, you can even change the colour or perm your Remy hair, too.

They don't need too much care:Contrary to popular belief, they are not high maintenance. You can wash, shampoo, and apply conditioner to them just like you would with your own hair. However, proper care is needed to make sure they last long, so be sure to use only products that are recommended by the manufacturer.