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5 Reasons to Wear Tape-In Extensions This Summer!

Looking for the perfect hair extensions that you can wear at the beach? Choose tape-in hair extensions. These may not transform your appearance permanently like other types of hair extensions, but you will love them just the same. Tape-in hair extensions are especially recommended for the hotter months because of these reasons: 

They feel lighter: One of the major advantages of tape-in hair extensions over clipped-in and pre-bonded extensions is that they are lightweight. They don't feel heavy in your head and also look less bulky. That's why they're often more comfortable to wear even on the hottest days.  

Resistant to water and sweat: Afraid to go swimming because your hair extensions can get damaged? This is not an issue if you are wearing quality tape-in hair extensions. They are unaffected by heat, humidity, water, and even sweat. Their colour won't fade even if you dive in a chlorinated pool. You can also rest assured that their texture will remain smooth and their appearance—that they will still be shiny even after all your summer activities. That said, it's important to be diligent in taking care of these extensions to ensure that they will maintain their looks and quality for a long time.  

Blends well with your natural hair: High-quality tape-in hair extensions can be mistaken as your natural hair. Because the tapes used are transparent, they can remain undetected whether your hair is wet or dry. 

Easy to wear: Want to try different styles of hair this summer? You can do it with ease using tape-in hair extensions. Like clip-ins, they also take just a few minutes to be attached and detached to your hair. That means changing your hairdo is quick and easy as they can be applied almost instantly.  

Durable: The best thing about quality tape-in hair extensions is that they are affordable yet long-lasting. You can wear them every day throughout the summer. With proper care, they can even last up to three months.

We stock various colours in our tape-in hair extension range in many different lengths, tape extensions are the perfect solution to add length or volume in super quick time!