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6 Tricks to Seamlessly Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair.

Have you ever regretted cutting your hair too short? Are you suddenly missing your long locks? Or perhaps you have an upcoming special occasion and your hair didn’t grow fast enough? Don’t worry; you can always achieve the long-haired look with high-quality human remy hair extensions. Once you have the extensions you need, you will want to know how you can seamlessly blend them with your hair to make them look as natural as possible. Here are six tricks you can try:

1. Get Thick Sets: Consider your natural hair colour and consider getting two sets of professional hair extensions. They should blend with your natural hair by layering wefts from every set on top of each other. This way, you can achieve a mixed effect. If you are using only one set, go for the heaviest. Remember to brush your hair with a hair extension brush before you apply the clip in extensions.

2. Add Dimension With Multiple Colours: Mixing and matching at least sets of human remy hair extensions will let you overcome the two major challenges associated with extensions; blending with short hair and blending with multi-toned hair or highlights. Two different colours will trick the eye by adding depth and dimension to the hair. Make sure you have the right hair extension application tools to efficiently attach them.

3. Pin Your Hair’s Bottom Section Away: This should hide the shorter locks of hair found at your nape. Section the hair so that only a few remain at the bottom. Back comb the remaining section and braid or twist it, then pin flat against the nape with bobby pins. The first weft of extensions can also be clipped there.

4. Go High: The goal is to conceal as much of your short hair as possible. That means the professional hair extensions are likely to sit higher on your head, and that’s fine!

5. Tease The Roots: Even with proper hair extension application tools, the extensions might have difficulty attaching to fine, natural hair. In that case, consider teasing by back-combing the strands.

6. Add Curves & Waves: Curl your extensions before attaching them. Once they’re attached, curl the shorter strands with a piece of the longer strands. Use a straightener when necessary to curl the shorter ends inward, then curl the top layer to achieve a seamless transition.