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How to Apply Hair Extensions?

You could always visit a professional salon to get your hair extensions applied. However, if you are the DIY kind who loves to get hands on with things then you could apply hair extensions on your own as well. Here are some things to look out for as well as useful tips and tricks.

Get the tools in place
Firstly, before you begin attaching your hair extensions you need to ensure that all of the essential hair extension tools are in place. The last thing you want is to go searching for the tools while you are in the middle of applying an extension! Make sure you have a comb, hair clip and hairspray to keep your hair partitions in place.

Sectioning your hair
Make sure to comb back all of your hair so that it is separated from the rest of the face. Then, slowly partition the portions of this hair so that you can easily place the extensions on each section. If you happen to have long hair then a high quality grip will help to keep the hair in place. You might also want to place a grip on top of the hair to keep the hair in the same place.

Using the clip extensions
This is probably the only kind of hair extensions that you can apply on your own. The other variants are only meant to be applied under professional supervision. When you are using the clip hair extensions then make sure to apply a bit of hairspray onto the hair first. This will add volume and firmness to the hair texture. Then open up one clip of a hair extension piece and place it on the back of the hair. Continue this process until you have reached the front portion of the hair. The way to add the clip type hair extension is to gently place the clip on the portion of hair you want to attach it to. Then clip it on and continue with all of the clip extensions.

Glue based method
You can also use glue to bond the hair extensions onto the portion of hair you want. However, it is recommended that only a professional stylist perform this for you. You can achieve a long and flowy look by using the modulating technique. You can also apply lots of extensions by using a glue which is high in keratin. However, if you have thin hair, then do not try this technique as the bond can look very thick or may show.

Non glue methods
You can also apply hair extensions without usage of glue. You can choose to braid the extensions on your hair or use tiny tubes to attach the extensions. Sometimes, even dental floss can be used for attachment and then removed leaving an invisible thread. Silicon pads can also be used for a softer mode of attachment using manual methods. Microcylinder shells can also be used at times along with a silicon coating to attach the extensions on a strand basis.

Once you have attached your hair extensions finish off by applying hairspray and then gently brushing downwards starting from bottom and then working your way up.

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