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Caring for the Extensions

Hair extensions are easy to apply and easy to take care of, given they are actually taken care of. If you know what I mean, you would know that taking extensions aftercare could lead to you believing that getting the hair extensions was a wrong move. It will be a joyful experience as far as you meticulously follow these care tips:


Just like any hair, Remy Hair Extensions also tangle. This could also be a result of what shampoo you are using or how you are washing the hair. Any who, you must brush your hair regularly and gently to avoid them from getting tangled. Start from the tips and work your way up. Do not pull to hard or it will cause damage and breakage. Using wide toothed or extension friendly combs are suggested.


As simple as using a good shampoo can make a world of a difference. Many experts also suggest detangling hair before you shampoo them. While washing your hair, be gentle. Wet your extensions in sections and wash them in a downward motion so as to avoid them from tangling.


Using a leave-in conditioner is the most suitable follow up exercise to avoid tangles. Do not get too excited with the conditioners. Too much conditioners will make your hair look damp and lifeless.


Drying the hair extensions naturally can save you the hassle of detangling and hair damage. Although most experts say that heat application does not damage the hair extensions, it is noteworthy that with this statement, an underline assumption is that you are using the Remy hair which is the natural hair as opposed to the synthetic hair. Make smart choices.

Tie Back

Tying your hair is an option when you want to save your gorgeous locks from exposure to creases, sweat, pressures, etc. to avoid the tangles. While sleeping, make sure that your hair is in a low ponytail so your body does not rub on them too much to give rise to tangles, and while exercising, make sure you wear it in a high ponytail so the sweat from your body does not lead to tangles.

Do Not Scrimp

Do not scrimp when it comes to hair extensions. Ideas like cutting, dying or re-bonding your extensions at home are terrible ideas even if you think you know what to do. Always consult a professional before doing any of these things.