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Colour & Style Ideas for Ombre Hair Extensions

Do you want to get stunning balayage hair in an instant? Wearing ombre hair extensions is the easiest way to do this. Make sure that your extensions are made from high-quality hair like Remy hair so that they look natural and feel good to touch.
Ombre hair extensions can give you that ultimate hair transformation that you often see in hair salons and magazines. The only difference is that you can do it yourself and complete the look in no time. Whatever hair extension techniques you choose, you can give yourself a hair makeover without the help of a professional hairstylist.
So, if you don't have the luxury of time and money to pay for salon service, buy ombre hair extensions and try these colour and style ideas:
Two tones lighter than your natural hair: Today's ombre hair trend appears to look more natural compared to those of the previous seasons. There's a move from drastic to subtle blending. So if you want to be on-trend, avoid choosing high-contrast colours. When choosing ombre hair extensions, experts advise looking for a shade that is up to two tones lighter than the colour of your natural hair.
Matching hair bases: Another tip that hairstylists recommend is to choose ombre hair extensions with the exact shade of your base hair so that they won't look fake. In case you can't find the right shade from the options, then choose the nearest colour.
Wavy or curly ombre hair: Still, the best way to show off your balayage hair is to curl them. By creating waves, the multidimensional hair tresses pop, and the colour will be more noticeable as compared to keeping your hair straight.
Ombre hair updo: This style is for the busy girls out there who still want to look effortlessly sophisticated and trendy despite a busy schedule. Loose braided bun or messy bun are great styles to create more eye-catching ombre hair updo.