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Details about the hairstyle history of Jennifer Lopez.

It’s always unique to try out different hairstyles and yet look gorgeous in them. Jennifer Lopez is the star who is trying many different varieties of hairstyles and yet looks stunning in all of them. She is even looking forward after winning the Video Vanguard Award. This is the main reason we are discussing the various hairstyles which she has tried in the past and still look amazing.

Jennifer Lopez is considered as the beauty icon since the time she has started producing music. She is also not afraid of doing a different kind of transformation with her hairstyle. It is actually leading her to look more stunning with the different styles which she is adopting. The perfect face which she is having is the main reason why different hairstyles are perfectly suiting her face.

Brief about the different hairstyles and how it depicted her beauty
Jennifer is looking amazing since the first picture of her which is obtained from her junior book during the period of 1986. During that time she had done some of the crazy experiments with her haircuts. She got the first move when she joined as a Fly Girl on the comedy show In Living Colour. The outfit which she went on is considered as the coolest of the 90s.

She started her first big movie during the period of 1995 which is My Family. In this movie, we were able to see the amazing curls which she had kept on, some say these were enhanced by hair extensions . During the year of 1997, she played one of the most iconic roles in the movie named Selena. The bangs which she showed were quite memorable during that period of time. The first time she appeared in Grammys during the period of 1998 with a super textured updo.

Iconic fashion moment took place during 1999 VMA’s. After one year she returned with another iconic look for Grammys. During 2001 a girly film came by the name The Wedding Planner which showed her new look with a dyed hair. At the Goldman Globes, she has worn an amazing golden dress which she has paired with slicked black in 2009. Similarly, during 2012, 2014 and 2016, she showed some of the unique hairstyle looks at different events which she attended.

Thus, we can say that there are many different kinds of creative hairstyle looks which are tried by Jennifer Lopez. Based on her looks, different hairstyles are quite suiting her personality. It is the main reason why people love the different styles which she opts for.