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Difference between Balayage and Ombre?

What is Ombre? We are the hairstylists and thus we understand the importance of hairstyling. Moreover we should also understand the difference between the ombre and the balayage. It happens very often that we get the request to do the ombre/balayage which keeps us thinking all over the time. So we are here to highlight both of them individually and explain you with the difference between the two styles. Ombre is the word which is associated with style. Ombre has its origination from the French word “shadows”. It is the actual style. Basically ombre means the transition from the darker shade to the lighter shade. Usually the ombre works best on the brunettes as it is the most delicate technique. Sombre is something that is seen more on the

ombre hair extensions

Ombre/Balayage hair extensions?  It is much more delicate technique. Ombre is the style which is best suited to the daring girl and the style is much noticeable. It is like the colour blocking style. It leaves no dark pieces at the bottom and helps them to stay natural. It is basic transition between the colours. Ombre can give a beautiful look only if it is done properly. Ombre is the style which needs high level and frequent maintenance. A bad ombre can make difference. It is simple but you should not try to perform it at home otherwise it will become homebre.

What is Balayage? The two words ombre and balayage are very similar words. But yes there are many distinctions between the two of them. The word balayage is the one which comes from the French word which means “to sweep”. If you have ever seen someone doing balayage in the salon then this seems sensible for you. When the colour is applied for the balayage then you place the colour into the small triangle sections of hair. It is done using the bard or the foil. Using these things helps in getting the natural transition into the lighter colour. In the balayage technique there are dark pieces which are left at the bottom so that the create dimension thus making a more natural look. Thus the word balayage is well known as a technique rather than a style. This is the technique which looks like the natural highlighter which seem like sun kissed through the hair. The transition is more natural as it needs less maintenance as compared to the ombre. So now the difference would be clear to you between ombre and balayage.

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