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Do’s & Don’ts For Hair Extensions Safety.

Nothing goes well when you had a poor hair day. You need to achieve a great hair do, so BEST hair extensions had taken a step ahead with pure human made hair extensions. These extensions provide you with a gorgeous look. It is not about using something new rather you should be aware of their do's and don'ts. Here are a few do's and don'ts summarized for better understanding how to care for hair extensions.

Do’s For Hair Care:

Shampoo: We recommend always using a good quality extension shampooand make it the regular habit of using shampoo's no more than 2 to 3 times a week. Do take care while doing shampoo and massage gently over your scalp (but avoid bonds at all costs!) Avoid rubbing your scalp ignoring hair fall. Key behind long lasting good hair is not only longevity of shampoo usage whether they are keratin or else tape-in. Try always to be gentle for shampoo and leave hairs dipped in conditioners for better results. Conditioners should be applied mid or end of hair tip. Loop brush: It is well recommendable to brush your hairs especially during summers. If you are a good acre taker of your natural hairs, then do make use of extension loop brush. Start at the end and keep brushing until tangles removed. Pillowcase: Swapping cotton pillowcase with silk and satin is well recommended one. Its high woven fibres won't stick your hairs. Alternately satin scarf or caps can also be used if you prefer doing so.

Don’t For Hair Extensions:

Shampoo: Make use you avoid shampoo that contains sulphates. Sodium Sulfate is one major ingredient found in cheaper quality shampoos. The main issue is that it can increase dryness. This ultimately leads to the dullness of your hair. In fact, you should also avoid heavy conditioners. Don’t Brush When Your Hair Is Wet: Never try to comb or brush your hairs when they are wet. Strain present on the tape will make your hairs weak. Other than this regular usage of nylon brush could be also frizzy your hairs and tangle them up. Don’t Sleep When Your Hair Is Wet: If you ever tried going to sleep when your hairs are wet, then you are harming your hairs. It's better to speed dry them or else with a low heat blow dryer. This will prevent frizzing and excessive oil accumulation on the scalp. At the end of each care, you realise how effectively you saved your gorgeous hairs. Never be in doubt ever!