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Get Beautiful & Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions

No matter how well-made and high-quality your tape-in hair extensions are, you would need to look after your hair extensions to prolong its life. If you use human tape in hair extensions and applying too heat such as blow drying, too much use of curling irons, over styling, sun exposure, or over over washing. So how do you tame them? Here are some top tips:

1.Use Sulphate-Free Shampoo.

Sulphate is commonly found in shampoos because it creates that lather we all look for. But it actually strips the hair of natural oil, causing tape in hair extensions to become frizzy and dry. Be sure to use only sulphate free shampoo with a high level of glycerine for hydration.

  1. Always Use Conditioner.

Skipping the conditioner can cause frizziness after washing. Don’t do it. Hydrate your tape in hair extensions every time you wash it with shampoo to help moisture to soak into the strands. Choose a tried and tested hair extension conditioner that contains glycerine (just like the recommended shampoo) and other hydration-boosting ingredients.

Tip: Don’t apply the conditioner directly to the roots of your hair extensions. This may loosen the tape or bond. Instead, apply the conditioner from the mid-length to the ends of the extensions.

  1. Apply Some Nourishing Oils To The Tips.

Nourishing oils such as hair extension argan oil are great for smoothening the hair extensions out and adding gloss and shine to them. They are formulated to soak deeper into the cuticles, adding moisture and revitalizing the vibrance of each strand.

Don’t use too much, though. One to three drops of oil should be enough. Put it on your palm then gently apply it to the ends of the strands. It’s a really a great way to stop your hair extensions from getting frizzy.