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Get To Know: Tape Hair Extensions.

The market of hair extensions is constantly changing and seeing innovation. That is why the new product in the market to make hair extension application simpler and more effective, is the tape hair extension.

Extension users must gather knowledge enough about this product to make the best use of it.

What are tape hair extensions? As the name suggests, tape hair extensions are wefts of hair which are spread across 4 cm breadth wise and can be attached to the original hair using a tape. The tape contains the adhesive which is safe, and easy to apply the extension on the hair.

Application of tape hair extensions: To apply these extensions on the hair, one inch of hair has to be taken, lifted up, and then beneath the hair, near the roots, the tape hair extension must be laid flat. Remove the tape and the adhesive part should face upwards. Now drop the original hair strand over the tape and press with fingers. Now over this original one inch portion of hair, put another tape extension adhesive downwards towards the hair. Press once again with fingers. The two hair extensions will sandwich the original hair portion in between. You may apply a thin hair straightener to ensure both tapes are tight on either sides of the hair portion. This way it would stay intact for hours and won’t slip. Also it would add a lovely realistic volume to the hair.

Removal of tape hair extensions: Tape hair extensions are removed using a special kind of taped bond hair remover spray and a very thin toothed pin tail comb. You need to apply the spray on the taped part of the extension to loosen the adhesive bond and hence loosen the extension from hair. Lightly pressing the comb would bring out the extensions from hair.

How to re-apply tape hair extension? You can reapply the hair as many times as you want by following the steps below:

- Peel the old tape off from the hairs
- Shampoo and clean the hair to remove all the residue of adhesive and remover
- Now dry them, brush wall, straighten and get the ready for re-taping.
- Use some re-tapes to again tape them. You will have to buy the re-tapes.

Popularity and Safety of these hair extensions: Tape hair extensions are chemical free, hassle free, and extremely safe for use, and also can be applied in easy steps as many times as you want. Hence they are so very popular.