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Get Yourself Professional Hair Extensions.

Ever wondered how celebrities are able to achieve long and thick hair? Some professional hair extensions may do the same trick for you and give you the kind of hair you crave. Unlike cheap and low-quality extensions, they are made of high-quality synthetic fibres or in some versions, real human hair. So, they look natural and real when worn, especially when applied by a trained professional. With the right products, you can also add fullness or length to your own mane, and experiment with many different styles. For instance, you could get bangs for the next party you are attending (when covid restrictions finally relax) and then apply extensions in a different shade than your hair to create the effect of highlights.

Not all professional hair extensions are alike. So, do not expect all types to be ideal for your specific lifestyle or preferences. Clip-ins, for instance, might make sense for beginners because they are easy to attach and can be easily removed. If you want longer-lasting extensions, you will want to look into extensions such as pre-bonded nail tip, stick tipped, or micro-loop extensions. Keratin extensions may be best if you want your extensions to last longer and you are leading an active lifestyle. When in doubt, always consult with a professional for expert advice and recommendations.

High-quality professional hair extensions are made of 100 percent human Remy hair and they come in different lengths and thicknesses. So, you should be able to find the right options that can help you achieve your desired look. Extensions that are 1g or 0.5g are great for thick and thin hair, and for achieving extra volume or length. They come in different naturally-identical colours and in vibrant colour tones, dip-dyed shades, and ombre.

Matching the colour of professional hair extensions can be tricky. If you get it wrong, people can easily tell that you are wearing fake hair. You can avoid that by matching the colour of the extensions with the ends of your locks instead of the roots, and prefer the colour that is most prominent in your natural mane. It is also wise to splurge on high-quality extensions that are not super-shiny and won’t tangle easily, so they appear more natural when worn with your hair.