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Hair Extensions Micro Rings: A Short User Guide.

Micro rings and micro loop extensions in the UK are two kinds of hair extensions that both use micro rings. The only difference is that micro loop extensions come with loops already attached to each hair extension.

Micro loop application is one of the most effective ways to attach extensions, and micro ring extensions in the UK are also considered the safest and most durable type or hair extensions because they don’t require the use of clip-ins, hot glue, and any type of hair adhesives. Instead, micro rings and specialized micro ring tools are used to secure the hair extensions. Here's exactly how professional hairstylists attach hair extensions micro rings using a needle hook and plier.

First, the hair must be dry, clean, and oil free. Use regular shampoo to clean it. If you must use a conditioner, apply it only to the ends.

Next, divide the hair into sections. Use as many clips as you can to clip all the short hairs to avoid cross hairs in between.

Prepare the micro rings by placing them on the needle hook. Place one ring on the hook at a time.

Gather a small section of your hair, holding it with one hand. With your free hand, hook the needle to the strand. Then, slide in the micro ring while pulling the hair through.

Place the micro ring about half an inch from the scalp—not too close nor too far. Insert the hair extension into the micro ring together with the real hair.

Lastly, secure the hair extensions micro rings using a plier. You now have your first micro ring hair extension applied.

Repeat the same procedure until you are satisfied with the thickness of your hair. Don't forget to comb hair evenly after application so that the hair extensions blend with the natural hair.