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How Long Do Ombre Hair Extensions Last?

Like most people, you probably want to purchase extensions that you can wear and enjoy for months to come, so it is only logical to consider lifespan when buying ombre hair extensions. It seems simple to find out how long a hair extension product will last because this information is indicated on the packaging, right? Well, not really. The truth is that estimating the lifespan of ombre hair extensions is a lot trickier than that. It will depend on various factors, such as:
Quality of hair: Not all ombre hair extensions are created equally. They are made from different kinds of hair. Some brands use synthetic hair, which is for temporally use and cannot hold a curl or withstand any heat. That's because synthetic hair cannot withstand daily use. They will tangle a lot even if you brush them often. The leading brands use natural 100% human hair or remy hair. The average lifespan of natural hair extensions is two to three months because they are very durable. Remy hair has unidirectional strands to keep them not only soft and shiny but also tangle-free. 

Type: The life of your ombre hair extensions will also depend on how it is applied or worn. Here's a comparison of the average lifespan of each type of hair extension, assuming that they are made from human Remy hair:
Tape-in - Up to 6 weeks.
Clip-in - 9 to 12 months
Cold fusion - 2 to 3 months
Hot fusion - 2 to 3 months
Weft - 2 to 3 months 

Care: You can extend the lifespan of your ombre hair extensions with proper and regular care. Something as simple as brushing the strands will help in removing or preventing the tangling, matting, and frizz. Do make sure that the extensions are naturally dryed before brushing to avoid breakage. Also, keep in mind that each brand may require specific aftercare products like a special kind of shampoo and conditioner which is specialized for use with hair extensions.